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Winsford Cottage Hospital, Halwill, Devon

Date: 1899

Client: Maria (Molly) Webb Medley

Listing: Grade II*

  • Historic England listed buildings description
  • Black Book entry 184
  • Photographs & drawings
  • History of Winsford Hospital compiled by the Landmark Trust, now the owner
  • Publications
    • Dick-Cleland, A., 'Restoration of Winsford Cottage Hospital', The Orchard (no.9, 2020), pp.3-15
    • Dick-Cleland, A., 'Restoring the mosaic floors at Winsford Cottage Hospital', The Orchard (no.8, 2019), pp.80-82
    • Pancheri, C., 'Winsford Cottage Hospital', The Orchard (no.1, 2012), pp.24-32
    • Stanford, C., Winsford Cottage Hospital: the story of a late-Victorian cottage hospital (Landmark Trust, 2020)


Pevsner's Devon (with Bridget Cherry, 1991) says:

WINSFORD COTTAGE HOSPITAL, Beaworthy, by Halwill station. Built in 1899 by Mrs Maria Louise Medley of Winsford Tower in memory of her husband and designed by Charles Annesley Voysey, one of the best English architects of his time. One-storeyed, with Voysey's typical almost completely blank gables, a tall tapering chimneyshaft, window surrounds with irregular blocks of stone, a composition asymmetrical from the road but symmetrical to the garden, with two projecting wings and originally a veranda in between (extended as a rather ugly flat-roofed dayroom [since removed]). Well preserved interior, full of delightful Voysey details: simple door furniture, ventilating grilles with a bird design. In the entrance hall a green-tiled fireplace with a copper hood.

Winsford Hospital

Photograph courtesy of the Landmark Trust.

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