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Myholme & Tilehurst, Bushey, Hertfordshire

Date: 1903 (Tilehurst) and 1904 (Myholme)

Client: Miss Edith Somers (both)

Listing: Grade II (both)

  • Historic England listed buildings entry
  • Black Book entries 247 & 339 (Myholme) and 240 (Tilehurst)
  • Photographs & drawings
  • Publications
    • Jordan, C., 'Myholme addendum', The Orchard (no.9, 2020), p.104
    • Kane, C. and Kane, M., 'Myholme and Tilehurst: the Voysey houses of Bushey', The Orchard (no.4, 2015), pp.28-34


Pevsner's Hertfordshire (with Bridget Cherry, 1977) says:

BUSHEY. TILEHURST, Grange Road. 1903 by Voysey. This ... and also MYHOLME, No 170 Merry Hill Road, of 1904, altered by him in 1911, are characteristic examples of Voysey's work on the least ambitious suburban scale (very suitable for imitation by anonymous builders). The style has had the most undesirable consequences all over Britain. Yet Voysey's own houses are happily designed, unpretentious, unrhetorical, and fitting. Note the batter of the buttresses, the roughcast, the horizontal windows, and the irregular stone surrounds.

Edith Lilian Somers (1871-1915) commissioned Voysey to design a house for herself, 'Tilehurst', and then asked him to design 'Myholme' as a convalescent home for twelve children.


Photograph by W.H. Hoather of Myholme soon after completion.

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