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Lowicks, Frensham, Surrey

Date: 1894

Client: Emslie John Horniman

Listing: Grade II


The entry in Pevsner's Surrey (with Ian Nairn and Bridget Cherry, 1971) reads:

LOWICKS. On the E side of Frensham Common, and hard to get at. A simple and very typical Voysey house, of 1894. Exactly like an enlarged lodge – single mass, battered corner buttresses, battered chimneys, slate roofs and roughcast walls. Inset dormers and just one half-timbered gable at the back. Delightful situation with pine woods all around and a tiny wild lake in front; the simple, low-toned house fits it like a glove. [Alterations and additions, all by Voysey, in 1898, 1904, 1907, and 1911.]


Image from The British architect, November 9th 1894.

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