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House at Aswan, Egypt

Date: 1905

Client: Dr H.E. Leigh Canney (1860-1941).

Listing: not listed


This is apparently the only Voysey house that was actually constructed outside the UK. It was still intact externally and internally in 2013 (Jonathan Dawson).

Drawings in the RIBA "show a two-storey, rendered house with Voysey's characteristic stone-dressed windows and a typical round-headed front door recessed within a porch. Voysey gave the house a flat roof with a castellated parapet to take account of the climate, but the prospect of a house without a chimney must have been inconceivable to him because a massive chimney-like structure projected out from the front elevation, apparently housing only cupboards and a larder inside. Voysey's office expenses for the commission were unusualIy scant: the house was dated October 1905 and there were no expenses for client visits or for typing the speciļ¬cation. The only expenses for the house at Aswan were two relatively large sums for postage in 1906, suggesting that the extent of Voysey's involvement was limited to the provision of drawings. Nevertheless there were photographs of the house, newly built, in his collection." – Wendy Hitchmough, CFA Voysey (Phaidon, 1995), p.218.

House at Aswan

Photograph by Jonathan Dawson.

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