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Voysey at the Royal Academy

Held every year since 1769, the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts in London displays works in a variety of mediums and genres by emerging and established artists. It is the world’s oldest open submission exhibition (which means that anyone can enter their work to be considered for inclusion). The catalogues of the Summer Exhibition, and also of the Winter Exhibition from 1870 to 1939, are now available online.

The list below includes all of the entries submitted by C.F.A. Voysey. They were exhibited in the 'Architectural Room' unless noted. The 'Lecture Room' was used to exhibit sculpture.

  • 1895 (127th) – House at Colwall [1452]; Walnut Tree Farm: garden front [1496]
  • 1896 (128th) – Design for wall-paper or printed fabric [1739]; Houses at Swanage, Hamstead and Frensham [1741]; Design for printed fabric or wall-paper [1747]
  • 1897 (129th) – House near Guildford [1797]
  • 1898 (130th) – House at Limpsfield, Surrey [1758]; House at Thorpe Mandeville, Northants [1759]
  • 1899 (131st) – House at Oxshott [1837]
  • 1904 (136th) – Proposed house at Hampstead [1645]
  • 1905 (137th) – Proposed Grammar School at Lincoln [1610]
  • 1906 (138th) – House at North Luffenham, Rutland [ 1548]
  • 1908 (140th) – House at Higham, Woodford Essex [1668]
  • 1909 (141st) – House at Coombe Down, Bath [1450]; Offices, Capel House, New Broad-street [1518]
  • 1918 (150th) – Decorative panel or embroidery design [1304]
  • 1919 (151st) – Medallion Portrait, bronze [1584] (in Lecture Room)
  • 1921 (153rd) – Regimental War Memorial, King’s Own L.I., York Minster [993]; Symbol of Self-Sacrifice, Model for top of Malvern Wells War Memorial [1149] (in Lecture Room)
  • 1922 (154th) – Malvern Wells War Memorial [1239]
  • 1923 (155th) – Scheme to give effect of Colour in Street Architecture [1206]; A Scent Shop, Old Bond Street, W.: Burlington Gardens Elevation [1256]

There were also these Voysey-related exhibits:

  • 1811 (43rd) – A. Voysey: Design for a bridge proposed to be erected over the river Thames at Vauxhall, which was submitted to the Committee in 1809, by G. Tappen, architect [885]. Possibly C.F.A. Voysey's grandfather, Annesley.
  • 1892 (124th) – Joseph W. Forster: Portrait of The Rev. Charles Voysey [481] (in Gallery no.6). Voysey designed 14 South Parade for Forster.
  • 1921 (153rd) onwards. Many entries submitted by C.F.A. Voysey's son, Charles Cowles-Voysey.
  • 1925 (157th) – Meredith Frampton: C.F.A. Voysey, Esq., [251] (in Gallery no.5). Art Workers Guild, Master's portrait.
  • 1934 (166th) – W. Reid Dick R.A.: C.F.A. Voysey, Esq., head bronze. [1558] Exhibited for many years at The Arts Club.

Royal Academy exhibition

People looking at the pictures on exhibition at the Royal Academy, London. No date. Engraving by Radclyffe after Sargent (c.1844). (Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark)

Royal Academy catalogue 1895

Cover of the Royal Academy exhibition catalogue for 1895, which was the first year in which Voysey exhibited.

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