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Articles by C.F.A. Voysey

This list of shorter pieces written by Voysey is arranged in chronological order, to reflect the development of his thought over time.

This is a part of our complete bibliography of published work relating to C.F.A. Voysey.


  • ‘The art of to-day’, The British architect (18th November 1892), pp.367-368 & 377. Full text available
  • ‘The practice of art to-day in our own country’, Hampshire chronicle (vol.120, no.6449), p.3


  • ‘Wall paper design’, The British architect (28th April 1893), p.290. Full text available (PDF, 297KB)


  • ‘Domestic furniture’, Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.1), pp.415-8


  • ‘The aims and conditions of the modern decorator’, The journal of decorative art (vol.15), pp.82-90
  • ‘Art in decoration and design’, Builder (vol.68), p.151. Full text available; paper read at the Manchester City Art Gallery on 15th 1895 in connection with the Manchester and Salford Association of Master Plasterers and Painters, summary published in The British architect (22nd February 1895), p.130


  • Contribution to ‘Liverpool Cathedral : a protest and petition’, Architectural review (vol.10), p.172
  • ‘The Orchard, Chorleywood, Herts’, Architectural review (vol.10), pp.32-8
  • ‘Remarks on domestic entrance halls’, The Studio (vol.21), pp.242-6. Full text available

Title page of Aims of Modern Decorator

Title page of The aims and conditions of the modern decorator (1895).


  • Contribution to ‘L'Art nouveau : what it is and what is thought of it : a symposium’, Magazine of art (vol.2), pp.211-2
  • ‘London street architecture and its possibilities’, Architectural Association notes (vol.20), pp.1-2
  • ‘On craftsmanship’, Architectural Association notes (vol.19), pp.71-3


  • ‘What makes the artist’, The British architect (27th November 1908), pp.386 & 395-8; the article is unsigned, but in The British architect for 18th December 1908, p.436, an editorial paragraph states that, "we have received several letters from correspondents expressing their pleasure in the reading of Mr Voysey's article entitled 'What makes an artist' in our issue of November 27th"


  • ‘Ideas in things’, in The arts connected with building, edited by T. Raffles Davison (Batsford), pp.101-37. Full text available
  • ‘Ideas in things’, The British architect (26th February 1909), pp.150-1, 158-62, 167-8 & 177-9; paper read at Carpenters' Hall, 24th February
    • [review] The British architect (26th February 1909), p.145


  • ‘Castles in the air’, The British architect (4th March 1910), pp.148-61; paper read at the Carpenters' Company on 2nd March
  • ‘Copying and its relation to art’, The British architect (vol.73), pp.269-70; paper read at the Art Workers' Guild


  • ‘The English home’, The British architect (27th January 1911), pp.60 & 69-70; paper read at the Design Club on 11th January, also published in the Annual of art work, a supplement to the Art workers' quarterly (no. 1), pp.19-27
  • ‘The humane aspect of the arts’, The British architect (31st March 1911), pp.232-3; paper read at the Toynbee Arts Students' Club on 25th March


  • ‘Open letter to the Royal Institute of British Architects’, British architect (vol.78), pp.368-69
  • ‘Patriotism in architecture’, Journal of the Architectural Association (vol.28), pp.21-25; paper read before the Architectural Association on 25th March also published in The British architect (29th March 1912), pp.238 & 247-8
    • [review] The British architect (5th April 1912), p.251
  • ‘The quality of fitness in architecture and furnishings’, The craftsman (vol.23), pp.174-82. Full text available.


  • ‘On building bye-laws’, British architect (21st February), pp.166-8 & 184-6


  • ‘On fashion’, British architect (May), pp.21-2; paper read before the Art Workers' Guild


  • ‘Modern symbolism’ Builder (vol.114), pp.156-7; Carpenters' Hall lectures; also published in Architect and contract reporter (vol.99), pp.102-3 & The British architect (March 1918), pp.27-8
  • ‘Tradition in relation to modern art’, in Problems of reconstruction : lectures and addresses delivered at the summer meeting at the Hampstead Garden Suburb, August, 1917, with an introduction by the Marquess of Crewe [Robert Milnes] (T. Fisher Unwin), pp.225-232. Full text available


  • ‘The aesthetic aspects of concrete construction’, Architect and engineer (vol.57), pp.80-2
  • ‘On town planning’, Architectural review (vol.46), pp.25-6


  • ‘Self expression in art’ (letter), Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.30), p.211
  • ‘Tradition and individuality in art’ (unpublished manuscript, RIBA collection). Full text available


  • ‘Review of AA students' work at Devonshire House’, Journal of the Architectural Association (vol.40), pp.49-50
  • ‘Some fundamental ideas in relation to art’, Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.31), pp.303-4. Full text available


  • ‘The Arts and Crafts movement’, Architects' journal (vol.64), p.519
  • ‘Motley architecture’, The Builder (vol.131), p.518


  • Report of speech given at ‘Dinner to C.F. Annesley Voysey’, Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.35), pp.52-3. Full text of speech


  • Review of ‘The Arts and Crafts Exhibition of 1928’, Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.36), p.113


  • ‘Modern symbolism’, Builder (vol.136), p.634


  • ‘English church art’ (review of the English Mediaeval Art exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum and of the Modern Church Art exhibition at Caxton Hall), Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.37), p.644
  • ‘Symbolism in design’ (unpublished MS, RIBA collection, SKB458/2). [This is a small volume into which Voysey pasted copies of most of his bookplates and wrote alongside them the inspiration and symbolism used in the designs. Karen Livingstone refers to it in The bookplates and badges of C.F.A. Voysey : architect and designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement (Antique Collectors' Club, 2011), in which the narrative alongside each bookplate is based upon this volume.]

Title page of Symbolism in design

Voysey's cover for Symbolism in design (1930-32). See larger version


  • ‘1874 and after’, Architectural review (vol.70), pp.91-2. Foreword by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Full text available
  • Review of ‘The Art of lettering and its use in divers crafts and trades’, Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.38), p.732-3
  • Review of Graily Hewitt, ‘Lettering’, Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.38), p.682
  • ‘The value of hidden influences as disclosed in the life of one ordinary man’ (unpublished MS, RIBA collection, Voc/4/6). Full text available (PDF, 87KB). [An illustrated version was published in The Orchard (no.7, 2018), pp.39-50.]


  • ‘Unfamiliar uses for stained glass’, Apollo (vol.17), pp.153-4


  • [Letter to the editor], Architect's journal (vol.81), p.408


  • ‘Architecture and archaeology’, Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (vol.46), p.34

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