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Organizations which have helped us

We are very grateful for the support of the following organizations.

Arts and Crafts Design : owned by Chris Vickers, a life member of the Society, Arts and Crafts Design is a specialist maker of the finest quality Arts and Crafts furniture, metalwork & lighting, inspired by and to the original designs of CFA Voysey, Ernest Gimson, WAS Benson & the Birmingham Guild of Handicraft. Chris commissioned our header font, which is used here with his kind approval.

Chris Vickers logo

Attridge Graphic Design : owned by Kevan Attridge, Attridge Graphic Design is based in Bristol and has been providing a comprehensive design service to its clients since 1985. Kevan designed our site and its distinctive header font.

Attridge logo

Castleacre Insurance : a specialist heritage insurance broker, arranging insurance for museums, estates, private clients, families and trusts across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Castleacre logo

Hanover Acceptances Ltd : a corporate member of the Society, operating from Voysey's Hans Road houses, Hanover forms the centre of an international private investment group whose origins date back to 1902.

Hanover Acceptances logo

ProStack : an innovative UK-based company, ProStack provides the hosting for this web site.

Tsohost logo

RIBA British Architectural Library : the largest collection of original Voysey drawings and manuscripts. Several illustrations and transcripts on this site are included with the kind permission of the Library.

RIBA logo

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