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Supporting the work of the Society

The Society's aim is to make an effective contribution to Voysey's legacy.

Membership fees are set to cover our routine running costs, and we welcome new members. However, we also hope to build some financial reserves to help us respond to less predictable demands when the need arises. An example is described below, and such projects will always be reported to members through our newsletter and our annual report.

We are pleased and grateful that you are considering supporting the Society's work by making a donation. If you decide to proceed, we would like to know a little more about you so that we can thank you, and perhaps discuss your particular interest in Voysey. You may complete the form below, or you may prefer to write to us. Either method is welcome.

Alternatively, by all means just go straight to payment.

An example of the way in which the Society seeks to help maintain Voysey's legacy concerns the "River Rug".

Originally produced in 1903 by Yates & Co. of Wilton, Wiltshire, and retained by Voysey's family for many years, one version of the rug is now in the Victoria & Albert Museum. At the time of acquisition, it had a grubby appearance caused by a coating of light grey soiling and the decision was taken to clean it. The accompanying photograph shows a detail of the rug before this happened.

The treatment was carried out at the National Trust's Textile Conservation Studio in Oulton, Norfolk. The project was funded jointly by the Museum, the Society and a generous individual member of the Society.

Full report with photographs (PDF, 480KB).

House that Jack built

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